• Vacation Home
  • Primary Residence
  • Bunk House
  • Lakeside Cottage
  • Hunting Cabin
  • Guest House
  • Elder Cottage
  • Home Office
  • Pool House
  • Rental Cabins
  • Meeting Halls
  • Concessions
  • Bath Houses
  • Office / Studio
  • Retail space

Woodenhomes.Net is an endeavor of Apex Ventura, A Luxury Lifestyle Company dedicated to helping individuals, families and communities find meaning in life through products that connect, inspire and fulfill.

One of the Leading Suppliers of fully assembled Wooden Houses in India offering a large variety of Villas, Log Homes, Holiday Cottages, Log Cabins, Garden Houses, Kids Play Houses And Gazebos. These houses are ideal for Resorts, Hotels, Farmhouses, Holiday Homes, Gardens, Rooftops ...And Even Your Front Yard!

Our team of dedicated professionals has done Extensive Research and Analysis to Identify the best woods from across the world, The processes to treat them for a long Life and Strength and Engineering to Assemble Prefabricated Wooden Homes on site in minimum time.

These houses can be customized as your Vacation Getaway, Primary Residence, Retirement Home, Lakeside Cottage, Hunting Cabin, Children's Bunkhouse, Guest House or anyway your heart desires.

Additionally, they can be easily adapted for Commercial Applications such as:
Pool House, Bunk House, Meeting Hall, Bath House, Office, Retail Space, Concession Building etc.

Highest Quality Standards have been meticulously maintained in building these houses with special attention to its Logs, Roof, Flooring And Fittings. These houses are strong and sturdy are used extensively all over The World as Primary Homes.

Wood has been used for centuries as a building material. brick and concrete took its place with more and more industrialization.

But now, the goodness and advantages of Wooden Houses along with modern wood treatment technologies have brought back wood as the most important building material for housing.

Wood has many Ecological, Biological And Economic advantages due to which it is preferred over other building materials.

Blending Modern Technology and Engineering with the warmth and tradition of wood, Woodenhomes.net manages to bring Nature and Beauty back into your World.

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